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Student engagement: Strategies to help institutions retain students during the COVID-19 pandemic

Funding for nontraditional education is on the rise. 46% of American adults are taking formal continuing education courses. And forbes.com cited workforce development as one of the top issues facing higher education. But it's not that cut and dry.  

There's a big difference between what a 37-year-old single mom returning to school needs and a professional who needs to earn a certificate. What works for a high school graduate isn't going to work for nontraditional students. And traditional software systems aren't going to work for you. Because credit and non-credit systems don't always integrate, you may have to use time-consuming manual processes to manage courses and enrollment. Sometimes, this means forcing student information into an inflexible system, duplicating data or piecing together information from different systems. And without a single source of information, it's hard to see how courses are performing, or to send tailored messages to your busy students.  

Ellucian Elevate™ can help. Designed from the ground up for continuing education departments or workforce development offices, this web-based solution makes it easy to manage courses, enroll students, and market programs. It integrates with your Ellucian ERP for seamless records management. And that's a big deal.  

This linkage has been difficult in the past due to the varying degrees of information required for nontraditional students. But now it is easily captured and stored in a single student record. So, you get one accurate source of information for reporting across all your programs. And that helps you see how courses contribute to your bottom line.  

Ellucian Elevate provides an intuitive shopping experience, so students can easily search, register, and make purchases quickly from any device, anywhere. It eases enrollment processes from registration to payment. And its mobile-ready intuitive design lets administrators and corporate partners easily set up, search, monitor, and execute courses.

It features an on-demand corporate partner portal, so corporate administrators can host enrollment on their own websites. And it's built with relationship-building tools that help you send targeted marketing and communications and re-market courses to students who abandon their shopping carts during registration.  

Use Ellucian Elevate’s reporting and analytics functionality to model student attendance and corporate take rates to refine program offerings and increase enrollment. With its on-demand course management and built-in PCI-compliant payment process, your staff can manage more students, more courses, and more administrative tasks more efficiently.  

Analytics and dashboards deliver real-time information on enrollment, revenue, faculty load, and more. So, you can measure performance against projections, and make informed decisions on whether to launch, modify, or retire a course as quickly as the market demands. And demonstrate performance to get the funding you need.  

Ellucian Elevate is a SaaS offering, so it requires minimal IT resources to run. And it provides out-of-the-box integration to Ellucian student information systems.  

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