How do students feel about the registration process?

Key takeaways

  • A third of students say that major/degree requirements are unclear
  • Students are frustrated when prerequisites are not visible during registration

Students: Chris, Eric and McKenna

Chris: When I was registering for class and majors, there wasn't a whole bunch of guidance as far as what to do and where your degree path should lead. It was more along the lines of here's a catalog of classes you should take and figure it out.

Eric: The system we use to register for courses hides the prerequisites we need. So you have to look for them if you want to know what classes you need to take.

McKenna: The tool we use to sign up for the classes, as far as I know, does not provide you with what you still need to take. It's more of just where you go to get your classes registered. But when you need to know what to take, you have to go online to their site or to, most likely, an email they've sent you with a link to where you need to go to get that information. And then, you go to the portal to pick your classes.

I have to go back and forth, which can be frustrating and not very efficient, especially when it turns out that you don't have a prerequisite, then you have to go to your email, talk to your counselor, and get that like advanced if you're still taking the course or whatever it might be.

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