4 ways to improve student retention

Insights - Evolving from early alerts

Building on the educational principles that promote student learning and graduation, this white paper describes new ways of using early alerts to bolster early engagement. 

In order to achieve desired change, higher education institutions must first establish the foundational strategies for a culture of student success and facilitate a strong, integrated early alert system and intervention process. Once these foundational principles are in place, the opportunity to engage students in meaningful ways grows exponentially. 

Drawing from recent surveys, research, and reports, this white paper offers expert insights and tips on: 

  • Improving student satisfaction, retention, and graduation rates 
  • Implementing better early engagement practices, such as peer leadership and mentoring, as well as using integrated student information systems and advising tools 
  • Identifying and acting on at-risk behaviors before it’s too late 

Also included are examples from a handful of colleges and universities currently innovating and succeeding with their early engagement and retention efforts. 

With a student-centric approach and a campus organized to help students thrive, early engagement becomes an intrinsic element of an institution’s student success strategy. The wealth of data now available, combined with sophisticated technology, makes this approach not only possible, but also practical. 

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