The promise of employment nine months after graduation

Key Takeaways

  • Rivier University promises students they’ll be employed within nine months of graduating or the institution will pay one year of their federally subsidized student loan
  • They can make this promise because they have faith in their support services, faculty, and curriculum
  • The program demonstrates the value of higher education to students and their parents

Sister Paula Marie Buley, President, Rivier University

The Employment Promise Program for Rivier is really a true articulation of partnership. We promise that we will be with a student not only during their four years of matriculation at Rivier but also after they graduate. So quite simply, we promise that a student will have a baccalaureate-level job nine months after graduation, or we will pay one year of their federally subsidized student loan.

And we can make that promise because we have a belief in our student support services, a belief in our faculty, a belief in our curriculum that we'll see students through the kind of the transition from classroom to campus to community to career.

I can tell you the Employment Promise Program as we explain it during our Accepted Students Day, the light bulb goes off with families and parents. Because with the cost of higher education, there really is a concern that there's a return on this investment.

And our families ask fundamentally, what is my son or daughter doing with this degree? Will it sustain them in a career? Will this sustain them financially? And so by the university's promise and our belief in the good things that will come from a Rivier University education, it really does give families a foundation to say, it's a real deal. They're going to walk the talk.

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