What’s your pathway to the cloud?

Pathways to the cloud

Key takeaways

  • There is no one-size-fits-all option for the cloud
  • Options include: on-premise, private cloud, SaaS, hybrid
  • Choose a cloud option based upon strategic goals

What's your pathway to the cloud?

Higher education institutions have options for how and when they move to the cloud. Many institutions are on-premise. Now this is the traditional model with on-campus server rooms managed by on-site IT staff. It provides complete control over systems and upgrades and the ability to fully customize applications.

As higher education institutions focus on the future, they are looking to the cloud for greater flexibility and a modern mobile experience, but the cloud is not one-size-fits-all. For institutions looking to maintain a bit more control over their applications and data, there is private cloud. With this model, you host your licensed software in a dedicated cloud environment.

Private cloud offers the ability to leverage benefits like agility and mobility while preserving some control over updates and customizations. You also get greater expert support with security.

For institutions looking to get completely out of the infrastructure business, the as-a-service model is the way to go. Software as a service offered through a subscription is ideal for accessing applications, data, or services in an on-demand fashion through any web browser. You do give up some control with this model because things are more standardized, but for more and more customers the trade-off is worth it.

Many institutions are choosing a hybrid approach, which offers the best of both worlds. You take advantage of the cloud where it makes sense for your organization, while keeping certain solutions on-premise. Some choose this approach so they can prepare for a full cloud migration at their own pace.

The important thing is to choose the cloud model that best supports your strategic goals. For more resources on cloud migration visit our Pathways to the Cloud page.


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