Ease the administration of employment, benefits, and payroll.
Ellucian Banner Human Resources

Manage employees with a human capital management system designed for higher education.

Ellucian Workflow

Automate tasks and optimize efficiencies across the institution with a cloud-based business process solution.

Revamping an old campus with new technology

How City College of San Francisco is creating a modern, connected campus.

Building the right foundation for campus technology

Make sure your institution will evolve by keeping your technology nimble and efficient.

Success Stories
A technology partnership that drives success

How Muskegon Community College maintains and empowers an effective IT staff.

Cloud models

Meet the technology demands of your constituents by choosing the cloud deployment option that’s right for your institution.

Ellucian Customer Success Services

Accelerate adoption, maximize solution value, and enjoy a cohesive experience with a dedicated advocate.

Ellucian PowerCampus

Meet the high expectations of your staff and students with less resources. 

Be. Do. Say.

Empowering people to build (and live) a brand begins with these words 

Ellucian Analytics

Ellucian Analytics is a guided business intelligence platform that enables institutions to convert meaningful data from across systems into actionable decisions.

Data governance: How to get started

Here are the essential elements to get a data governance strategy up and running.

Reduce costs without reducing impact

It’s time to take control of your institution’s travel and entertainment expenses.

Machine learning can change the way institutions operate

Machine learning deserves the hype. Here's how it works, and how it impacts higher ed.

Universal UX: How empathetic design helps all users

Universal UX has important benefits for the higher education community.

What does it take to build an analytics-driven institution?

A Q&A with Becker College about their shift toward data-driven decision making. 

Successfully managing non-traditional programs

Discover the top four priorities for chief financial officers.