What's Behind Path™?

Education is a foundation: a journey of choices, exploration, and knowledge-building. The Ellucian Path Design System™ honors that journey and is the foundation for world-class higher education solutions.

Path™ is composed of components that can be configured to get desired results fast. There are a network of connections that lead to new paths or new opportunities.

foundational elements

Building Consistent Experiences Quickly

The Path Design System™ provides foundational elements and guidelines for software teams to build world-class higher-education solutions. Built on React, a JavaScript library, Path™ components enable teams to build projects of any size with speed and consistency.

the education journey

Focused on Higher-Ed

Path™ leverages Ellucian’s deep experience in higher education. Whether a student is registering for classes, a faculty member is uploading grades, or a staff member is looking at their available vacation days, Path™ exclusively caters to higher education goals.

paving the way

Flexibility for Innovation

Ellucian has a dedicated team of designers and developers working on the design patterns and implementation of the design system. With resources committed to quality and growth, product teams can spend less time on the basics, and focus their energies on solving complex problems to further enhance the higher education experience.