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If you have access issues or questions, please contact [email protected] for assistance or visit our Ellucian eCommunities page to learn more about it.



Our dedication to Ellucian customers is demonstrated in our new eCommunities platform providing the engine that will drive successful user collaboration. We are equally committed to a smooth transition for you through the conversion. eCommunities is powered by Jive Software that achieves short term goals while supporting a long term strategy to strengthen connection with your peers and Ellucian. Jive is consistently ranked number #1 in the business collaboration magic quadrant as ranked by Gartner, Inc.

This improvement represents the first step in the evolution of your overall digital experience with Ellucian. Over time, our single sign on capability will expand into additional areas such as our eLearning systems and selected SharePoint sites, we will provide improvements in visual integration and cross site navigation, and we will enable enterprise search across Ellucian web resources. Our objective is to make it easier for you—sign on once and access all of your Ellucian resources.