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Harmony Highlight: Ren Hafner

Born and raised in Beijing, China, Ren came to the United States for her higher education experience. Eleven years later, she shares her journey as an Asian American and as a co-lead of Harmony.

Will you walk with us?

Sean leads Ellucian’s Ubuntu employee resource group and shares his perspective during a Q&A session.

I waited a decade for the right to vote—don’t take it for granted!

Kavita is joining millions of Americans in voting in her first election as a U.S. citizen. Read her story and learn how Ellucian and our employee resource groups are supporting voting efforts in the 2020 general election.

Our Journey as Women in Tech Pt. 2

The Women in Tech employee resource group is partnering with Howard University to host learning sessions about career exploration. Read the lasting impressions of its leaders.

The QuarIntern

During his Ellucian internship, Shreyas has experienced immense personal growth through trust, freedom, and mutual respect. Read about his journey.

Help! My hair is on fire

There are a lot of reasons why a company might be in chaos during the COVID-19 pandemic. At Ellucian, things are running smoothly. Read Mat’s article to find out what our secret is.

The adventure begins

Gina came to Ellucian seeking a team that was both professional and fun. Read about her professional journey and the sense of family she has found.

A college student’s experience: Balancing school and working remotely during a pandemic

McKenna’s semester has shifted from in-person to online classes. Read her perspective on how Ellucian’s internship program and remote work experience helped prepare her for the change.

Spreading My Wings and Flying

As a mentor, learner, mother, and a moderator, Naganandini has been able to thrive at Ellucian because of the company’s learning culture and support from her peers. Find out why she loves working at Ellucian.

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