Highlights from Ellucian World Tour Melbourne 2016

Highlights from Ellucian World Tour Melbourne 2016

By Brenda Somich on Wednesday, August 31, 2016

On August 18th and 19th, the Ellucian World Tour visited Melbourne, Australia, drawing more than 115 attendees from institutions in Australia and New Zealand as well as Ellucian executives and keynote speakers.

Inspiring speakers

Attendees enjoyed a full line-up of engaging speakers.

Deng Thiak Adut described his journey from a Sudanese child soldier to successful Sydney lawyer and refugee advocate. He talked about recent events in Sudan—his mother’s village was burned to the ground and his brother was killed a year ago. “Why don’t I focus on revenge?” he said. “Because of education.” He also spoke about gender and racial equality—stressing that everyone should have the same opportunities, women shouldn’t be paid less than men for the same job, and employment opportunities should be based on skills and competencies, not race or gender.

Deng Thiak Adut

Dr. Michael Moore, vice president for academic affairs for the University of Arkansas System and chief academic officer/chief operating officer for the University of Arkansas System eVersity, spoke about the new university and why they offer affordable, accessible, workforce-relevant undergraduate degrees.

A phrase that Moore used that everyone is now repeating: “College should be hard, going to college should not be”. Matt McLellan, president of Evisions, Tweeted:


Dr. Diana Oblinger, member of Ellucian’s Board of Directors, spoke about student success, noting that learning throughout life leads to career success. In addition, she discussed innovation and the economy. She said that digital platforms are enabling more connections—of technology, people, processes, and relationships—and this can lead to developing an external talent pool and open innovation.

Dr. Diana Oblinger

Informative sessions

After an opening keynote from Jack Kramer, senior vice president, customer perspective and a product strategy update given by John Kopcke, senior vice president and chief technology officer and Kari Branjord, senior vice president, product management, ERP, attendees chose from a number of breakout sessions to gain valuable information from our clients about their successes as well as from Ellucian experts on our latest technology updates.

Throughout the sessions, attendees worked together to build a strong community of tertiary education professionals dedicated to ensuring that students—no matter where they are—have the right tools, support and technology to succeed in the 21st century.

Networking and fun

One of the highlights of the conference was the Gala Dinner. The theme was “sci-fi” and we were pleased to see so many fantastic costume ideas! Make sure you check out the photo gallery to see some highlights of the evening.

To view more highlights from Melbourne, visit our event photo collage.

Follow along September 27th-29th as we continue on to our next tour stop in Mexico City.

Save the date and join us at Ellucian Live 2017, March 19-22 in Orlando, Florida, USA.

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