Redefining Success in the 21st Century

Your students, faculty, staff, constituents, and colleagues make Ellucian Live Middle East one of the largest higher education networks of its kind.

The power of the collective insight of this community can revolutionise change, allow us to tackle regional challenges and innovate for the future. Collaboration, building groups and networking with the community allows us all the ability to achieve and understand more.

Come collaborate, engage and revolutionise with the largest regional community supporting higher education.


Get ready for Ellucian Live Middle East!

Ellucian Live Middle East connects more than 500 participants from over 75 higher education institutions from across the region.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to:

  • Gain collective insight, share best practices, solve common problems, and tackle technology challenges with other users
  • Network with peers who are working towards similar goals or objectives
  • Generate new ideas and get inspired

Five reasons not to miss Ellucian Live Middle East.

  1. Discover new ways to help every student succeed
  2. Enhance the student experience
  3. Meet the changing expectations of your constituents
  4. Make every resource count by maximising efficiency
  5. Network with colleagues from across the sector