Ellucian Performance Management Services

Within departments or across your institution, from recruiting and retention to human resources, from finance to grant management and beyond, people are looking for better ways to improve the performance of their programs and initiatives. But aligning departmental goals with your institutional mission isn’t always easy.

Ellucian Performance Management Services use a balanced scorecard model to help you connect institutional goals to key performance indicators within your department or across your institution—closing the loop between strategy and execution. Through a carefully managed discovery process and subsequent engagements that uncover the benchmarks and metrics most critical to your success, we help you establish a foundation to drive performance.

Ellucian Performance Management Services can help you:

  • Identify gaps between current and desired levels of performance
  • Align outcomes with institutional mission, values, and vision
  • Develop key performance indicators, by department or across your institution
  • Document outcomes and benefits
  • Improve accountability and transparency