Ellucian Travel and Expense Management powered by Chrome River

Ellucian Travel and Expense Management powered by Chrome River

Easier travel and expense submissions and payments. Improved compliance. Faster processing. Ellucian Travel and Expense Management powered by Chrome River makes it all possible—available in the cloud and accessible from any device.

Simplify expense processing from start to finish

Improve efficiency

Improve efficiency

Automate the entire travel expense submission, approval and reimbursement process.

Accelerate payment

Accelerate payment

Submit expenses and receipts from any mobile device for faster reimbursement.

Provide visibility

Provide visibility

See trends and spend with real-time analytics and reporting dashboards.

Save time and resources

Reduce paper

Minimise IT support with an easy-to-use, software as a service solution.


Automated expense processing

Automated expense processing

from any mobile device saves time and reduces the costs of managing travel-related expenses.

  • Boost efficiency with an optical character recognition (OCR) feature that reads expense information from receipts and automatically creates the expense
  • Speed adoption with an easy-to-use interface and browser, email and mobile-enabled features
  • Ease administrative burdens with automatic, process-driven expense submission
  • Check expense report status and actions needed with real-time tracking feature
  • Configure the approval process and assign approvers with dynamic, multi-level workflow 
  • Convert approved expense reports to invoices automatically and pay by check, direct deposit, or wire transfer
Higher education features

Higher education features

designed specifically to meet the unique needs of your institution

  • Customise per-diem rules and expense policies based on your institutional requirements with an embedded rules engine
  • Refresh and update GSA per-diem rates automatically
  • Generate automatic alerts when the traveller’s request is outside the set per-diem limits
  • Allow staff to give someone else authority to create and submit an expense report on behalf of another individual with delegate control function
  • Split expense entries to multiple grants or cost centres by amount or percentage, including unique descriptions for each portion of the split expense
  • Allocate expenses easily by typing in a portion of the grant name, index code, cost centre name, project or other allocation criteria and the intuitive allocation selector does the rest
Pre-approval and travel data integration

Pre-approval and travel data integration

speed reimbursement and help institutions manage travel costs.

  • Submit pre-trip authorisations which are approved based on configurable business rules and controls
  • Control costs and manage suppliers with real-time visibility before spend actually happens
  • Encumber travel funds by source with pre-approvals
  • Allocate pre-approvals to multiple expense reports over time
  • Incorporate travel data booked by the traveller directly into your system with seamless integration into most travel management company’s booking systems
Travel advances and automatic currency conversion

Travel advances and automatic currency conversion

eases travellers’ financial and administrative burden.

  • Recover advances via automatic invoice creation with integration to Accounts Payable
  • Enter expenses in multiple currencies and they are automatically converted back to base currency
  • Boost accuracy with foreign exchange rates refreshed daily—based on the date the expense was incurred, the correct foreign exchange rates will apply
Institution-wide card program management

Institution-wide card programme management

makes it easy to reconcile both travel and non-travel charges made with credit cards.

  • Includes support for travel cards, p-cards, corporate cards and “one” card programmes that can be easily integrated and managed within the system
  • Assign credit card transactions to an expense item on a report to see the entire cost of your trip in one view 
  • Send automatic email notifications when charges are ready for review
  • Assign unique allocations for p-card transactions
  • Integrate with travel and card programme data so users can simply drag-and-drop the items onto their expense reports 
Electronic documents and receipt management

Electronic documents and receipt management

streamlines the audit process and eliminates paper storage costs.

  • Capture receipts via a mobile device and attach them directly to the expense report and actual line item for easy access and retrieval
  • Secure documents via access rights and archive them to comply with policies
  • Use full mobile receipt and expense report submission features that work across any mobile or desktop device for a consistent user experience and real-time status tracking
Integration with finance solutions

Integration with finance solutions

manages the flow from expense submission to payment from a single system.

  • Establish travel policies, encumber travel funds, authorise expenditures and process payments to improve compliance with fiscal policies
  • Leverage key accounting and payment capabilities within Ellucian ERP finance modules to ensure consistency with your accounting system
  • Easily modify or update a highly configurable business rules engine without IT support
Real-time analytics and dashboards

Real-time analytics and dashboards

deliver timely access to expense data at the click of a button

  • Provide finance staff with visibility into travel and expense spending, travel frequency and supplier costs
  • See expenses by department, vendor and more to help you manage overall spend and negotiate better discounts
  • Make more informed decisions with charting, scheduling, calculations, sorting, pivoting and other advanced functions


speeds implementation time so you realise a return on your investment faster.

  • Start using the solution quickly because you don’t need additional hardware or software
  • Reduces total cost of ownership because you don’t need to install, update, or manage software
  • Reduces start-up costs and capital expenses with a single monthly subscription fee for software, support, maintenance and administration
Ellucian Travel and Expense Management powered by Chrome River

How it works

Ellucian Travel and Expense Management powered by Chrome River helps institutions cut travel and expense processing costs by automating encumbrances, pre-trip authorisations, documentation handoffs and other key stages of expense reporting. It’s mobile-ready and features one of the most intuitive user interfaces in the market so it’s easy to use. It integrates with your existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) and travel booking systems, you’ll get a seamless flow between travel and expense requests, approvals, documentation, payment and posting.

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Who is using Ellucian Travel and Expense Management powered by Chrome River?

More than 430 Chrome River customers use its industry-leading solution around the globe every day.