Meet your CRM challenges

In today’s high-tech world, tertiary education institutions must be increasingly savvy. To get attention and forge connections, you need to communicate in interesting, informed ways with the students you seek, the students you have, and the students you’ve already graduated.

Yet at the same time, you must also focus on reducing costs, staying agile and providing better student services—or lose your competitive edge.

As a result, constituent management relationship (CRM) solutions have gained widespread use. In a recent study by industry analyst Ovum, only 10 percent of schools reported not having some kind of CRM – but simply having a CRM system is not a solution. Instead, institutions are looking to implement a comprehensive solution that will meet their long-term needs and have the capacity to grow with them.

Today more than ever, it is essential to nurture relationships throughout the student lifecycle and beyond. Following are three common CRM challenges and how you can overcome them:

Our CRM Solutions

CRM Recruit
  • Personalise communications

    Reach best-fit students with the right messaging.
  • Maximise results

    Track performance, increase yields, and deliver better outcomes for your institution.
  • Automate workflows

    Minimise your administrative work so you can focus on your students.
  • Integrate teams

    Share integrated student data and assign tasks across your institution.
  • Gain compatibility

    Designed to work with any student information system and ensures seamless transfer of student data.
Ellucian CRM Advise
  • Coordinated support

    A single system unites departments with a comprehensive view of students so you can coordinate a plan for success.
  • Early Alerts

    Detect problems promptly and intervene appropriately before students fall behind.
  • Meaningful engagement

    Give students easy access to resources and peers, a clear path to success and a guidance plan to get there.
  • Informed decisions

    Use analytics built for higher education to gain the insight you need to support
  • Built-in analytics

    Leverage powerful built-in analytics that allow you to easily create your own institution-specific success plans, algorithms, performance indicators, dashboards and reports.
Ellucian CRM Advance
  • Gain insight

    See how your fundraising efforts are performing to increase accountability.
  • Manage programmes

    Handle the most complex, nuanced fundraising operations and development campaigns easily.
  • Engage deeply

    Provide mobile tools that help track and manage the full donor lifecycle to increase giving.
  • Streamline processes

    Access information that helps staff identify goals, make faster decisions and measure progress.

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Where can I get more CRM advice?

Ellucian’s CRM experts will help you define what your institution needs to achieve student and institutional success.

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