Quercus by Ellucian

Quercus by Ellucian

Your administration staff and students are busy managing endless details and pressures. They need—and expect—a robust student information system that provides collaboration and productive functionality. Quercus by Ellucian will help you to deliver a better student experience, to streamline internal business processes and to create the kind of learning communities that make a difference.

Manage data, streamline processes, improve the student experience

Enhance learning

Enhance learning

Create an integrated, modern experience to improve student success.

Drive efficiency

Drive efficiency

Organise effective workflows and simplify business processes.

Conserve resources

Conserve resources

Reduce strain on IT through SaaS delivery.

Integrate data

Integrate data

Bring crucial pieces of information together for effective decision making.

Screenshot Quercus - Modern flexible user interface

A modern, flexible user interface

affords students, administration staff and the public with an enhanced experience.

  • Provides a common, contemporary user experience across all applications and approaches
  • Users access and navigate the system via desktop, tablet or mobile device, seamlessly moving from one to another and leveraging the mobile-first design
  • Offers greater openness and connectivity between constituents and across departments, improving student success by guiding students’ registration and engagement with the institution
Screenshot Quercus - Configurable software modules

Configurable software modules and efficient document management

allow you to manage student and course records according to the institution’s needs.

  • Maintain student personal information, academic performance and details of your institution’s academic programmes
  • Support a variety of online interactions with the student throughout each stage in the student lifecycle—from initial application to graduation
  • Set up student-facing web pages that capture student requests
  • Configurable workflows and business rules make it easy to automate and streamline the processing of student requests
Screenshot Quercus - Embedded integration and reporting

Embedded integration and reporting capabilities

give your institution the ability to track and monitor crucial metrics.

  • Automated processes allow Quercus the ability to communicate with other enterprise systems and, in turn, to pull information from these systems
  • Monitor the state of your key performance indicators
  • Extract needed business intelligence to help meet your reporting obligations
Screenshot Quercus - Built for the future

Built for the future

to help your institution remain flexible, efficient and competitive.

  • Adapts seamlessly as your institution’s technical and functional needs change
  • Elastic scaling and high resilience facilities provided through Amazon Web Services
  • Cloud-based and managed by Ellucian, eliminating IT maintenance and upgrade worries
  • Developed solely for higher education and consistently enhanced to help you keep pace with the latest trends

How it works

Quercus by Ellucian is a student information system that saves critical IT resources through SaaS-based delivery, automated upgrades, and streamlined maintenance. It is a scalable platform delivered to staff and students through browsers or mobile devices, specifically geared to connect your constituents and to provide them with an enhanced, modern experience.

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Who is using Quercus by Ellucian

Institutions around the world depend on Quercus by Ellucian to create an integrated, digital institution that makes it easier for constituents to communicate, to find information, and to accomplish any task—from engaging prospective students to cultivating alumni relationships.