Quercus by Ellucian

Quercus by Ellucian

The Quercus platform helps you to create an integrated digital institution that makes it easier for constituents to communicate, to find the information that they need, and to accomplish any task—from engaging prospects to cultivating alumni relationships.

Your constituents are busy managing endless details and pressures and they both need and expect a robust student information system that provides collaboration and a smooth, productive online experience.

Quercus will help you to deliver a better student experience, to streamline internal business processes, and to create the kind of learning communities that make a difference.

Quercus also positions you for the future. Its modern architecture enables you to adapt seamlessly as functional and technical needs change—flexibility and extensibility are critical to meeting constituent expectations and to competing globally.

Quercus includes a suite of software modules that allow institutions to manage student and course records. A module provides a set of functions relating to a specific business area or process. There are two types of modules: Core modules, which must be installed in order for Quercus to function, and Lifecycle modules, which can be included or excluded according to the needs of the institution.

Quercus is cloud-based and managed by Ellucian, so you don’t have to worry about IT maintenance or upgrading to the latest version.

Quercus is hosted in Amazon AWS Cloud Data Centres that provide elastic scaling and high-resilience facilities for operating mission-critical applications. The SaaS platform operates across three secure physical data centres.