Student Success

Student Success

Helping students succeed advances our entire society

At Ellucian, we work with you every day to help students reach their goals and exceed their expectations. Our solutions and services help you attract the right students for your institution and keep them engaged with personalised, meaningful interactions. Ellucian helps you identify and assist struggling students, as well as high-performing students, to maximise retention and graduation rates.

Help students succeed

Ensure the right students are admitted

Enrol the right students

Your institutions’ and students’ success are closely aligned—and both start by getting the right students. Ellucian CRM Recruit helps higher education institutions find, engage and enrol more best-fit students.

Ellucian CRM Recruit
Improve accountability, retention, and student outcomes

Improve accountability, retention and student outcomes

Engage the right people at the right time with the right resources to increase student success and retention rates. Whatever your key success metrics, Ellucian solutions help more of your students stay on track and graduate.

Ellucian CRM Advise
Help students stay motivated and graduate on time

Help students stay motivated and graduate on time

Provide your students with the right student planning, degree audit and transfer articulation solutions to ensure that they graduate in a timely manner.

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