An academic programme that prepares students for the workplace

Key Takeaways

  • Tiffin University launched TU Connects, a credentials programme for students and alumni
  • Technology is a partner in designing the academic programmes that students want
  • Certification programmes make students more marketable in the workplace

Lillian Schumacher, President, Tiffin University

What students want in courses and what students want in majors is also very, very significantly changing. And so how we think about majors today, the ability to offer a micro credential or a badge or a certification along the way is critically important. And those are some of the things that I think our students are asking for and that's important for us.

We launched a significant programme called TU Connects that started this January that really gives our current students, but also our alumni and external partners, the opportunity to come back and get a credential.

Technology and our technology division is a partner in this effort. And so, they're alongside us developing what we need.

When we're offering a certification, if we're doing it online, it has to look and feel attractive, and has to be very engaging. And so, our technology partner, Ellucian, is helping us design our courses to make sure that they're attractive to our student population.

I'll give you one example. We just redesigned our computer science degree. And so, we have a Bachelor of Science in computer science that, along the way, our current students will earn eight certifications. This makes them marketable in the workplace right when they graduate, and along the way.

That's the type of thinking that we're doing at Tiffin University in our academic programme development. It's phenomenal. I'm so proud of the work that we're doing with that.

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