Reducing the regulatory burden with Ellucian Quercus

Key Takeaways

  • Higher education institutions are finding new ways to reduce the regulatory burden
  • Keeping pace with change is vital for smaller independent providers
  • Ellucian Quercus is designed to align closely with higher education policy

David Howell - CEO, MetFilm School

In terms of complying with the regulatory framework, in terms HESA and OfS, Quercus is a solution that we have found that is easiest for us to utilize and to comply with the new framework. It returns to HESA at the press of a button. It holds the data that we need to return to OfS. It allows me, as CEO, to oversee the data and ensure that all our metrics are going in the right way.

Prior to that, we just had spreadsheets. The data was not secure. It didn't comply with GDPR. So now Ellucian Quercus provides a solution that allows us to not only comply with the regulatory framework, but to improve our data, our data capability and our data competencies.

With Ellucian and with Quercus, the independent providers can find a solution that works for them out of the box. It doesn't need lots of programmers or coders to help to implement. The Ellucian staff are fantastic, the implementers are brilliant. The teams at Ellucian are there on hand to help independent providers take the step from where they currently are to being able to have a student information system that works for everyone.

In terms of the implementation, I'm really looking forward to being able to visualize and see my data; to be able to report and to ask questions of the institutions, be able to get those back through data, take the whole of the staff institution through the process and be able to deliver a far better service for my students.

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