Technology fosters deeper campus connections

Insights - Connected tech experience

Key takeaways 

  • 87% of students consider a school’s tech savviness before applying 
  • The majority of students say technology enables an easier transition to college 
  • Students want their personal data to lead to better career prep, financial services, and academics

Today’s college students expect a universal, connected technology experience on campus and value the technology used outside of the classroom just as highly as that used inside.

In an effort to understand the ways in which students look for personal experiences on campus and use technology to connect more deeply with their school, a survey was conducted with 1,000 college students. The results highlight the need for schools to break down silos and leverage student data in a way that customises each student’s experience and drives an emotional connection.

While most colleges are adopting technology to improve students’ experience on and off campus, student expectations and demands continue to increase. Almost all students are looking for something—ways to connect with other students, course and event suggestions based on academic performance and interest, alerts for deadlines, and ways to connect with faculty—that makes them feel more emotionally connected to their school. 

As the pace of change in higher education rapidly accelerates, it’s vital for colleges to free data from silos to deliver a more personalised and data driven experience for their students via integrated, flexible, and future-ready technology that contributes to success on campus. The delivery of a seamless technology experience has become an expectation—similar to the technology students encounter with other modern, consumer-like experiences—and they are taking this all into account in making their decision on which school to attend.

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