A true partner in cybersecurity

Key takeaways

  • To deliver on education as a service, institutions need a partner with a fundamental sense of preparedness, knowledge, and execution
  • Because the evolution of threats is ongoing, institutions have to be beyond the moment
  • The technology partnership anticipates breaches, creates safeguards, and is foundational to training students, faculty, and staff

Sister Paula Marie Buley, President, Rivier University

Our strategic plan, which really is driving our initiatives at Rivier, has three pillars to it. The first is innovation in the sciences, which is technology-driven in and of itself. The second is teaching and technology. And then, the third is philanthropy and partnerships. And I think, this is where Ellucian comes in as a true partner in the educative experience.

We looked for a partner who believed in education as we believe, that education is a service.

And to deliver that service, you have to have just a fundamental sense of preparedness. You have to have a fundamental sense of knowledge and a fundamental sense of executing on a plan. And so, as we looked at the higher ed landscape, Ellucian really allowed us to check off those major points.

Cybersecurity is one of the key initiatives that our Ellucian partners have brought to Rivier University.

The evolution of threats is ongoing. And it's no longer adequate to be in the moment. You have to be beyond the moment. In other words, you have to skate to where the puck is going.

And so, our partnership with Ellucian allows us to anticipate cyber breaches that is occurring to all institutions and to really create the safeguards to provide the highest level of protection. And that really is foundational to working with faculty, staff, and students in a training model.

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