Streamline budgeting, procurement, and accounts payable.
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Manage your records, streamline staff efforts, and deliver an improved constituent experience.

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Streamline operations, get critical data on the go, and focus on institutional success.

3 trends driving higher education to the cloud

While costs are a substantial issue, it’s not the driving concern for higher education.

Past, present and future: How OSUF is transforming advancement

One year ago, OSUF went live with Ellucian CRM Advance in a move to modernise its operations. We look back on their year of notable successes and explore the ongoing role of CRM in their development strategy, internal processes, donor relations, and future initiatives.

Success Stories
Student success hinges on operational success

Better operational performance frees up time and energy to focus on the student experience. 

Cloud models

Meet the technology demands of your constituents by choosing the cloud deployment option that’s right for your institution.

Ellucian Customer Success Services

Accelerate adoption and maximise solution value with your Customer Success Manager.

Ellucian Payment Center by TouchNet

Combines Ellucian’s business technology with TouchNet’s payment expertise to deliver a powerful, affordable, easy-to-use solution.

Achieving student and institutional success in higher education

The right technology partner can help unite your people, optimise processes, and bring your entire campus into the digital age.

5 tips for smooth cloud migration

Assess your existing architecture, manage expectations, and put the right people in charge.

Machine learning can change the way institutions operate

Machine learning deserves the hype. Here's how it works, and how it impacts higher ed.

Shared data enhances the entire student lifecycle

With integrated data, institutions can take on their biggest challenges.

What is UX design and how does it benefit higher ed?

Find out how a good UX can help your institution stand out from the crowd. 

Universal UX: How empathetic design helps all users

Universal UX has important benefits for the higher education community.

How many people does it take to answer a single advising question?

Students sometimes need to speak to four, five, even six people to get the answer to a single advising-related question.  

COVID-19: Higher education’s Apollo 13 moment?

What will the “return to Earth” look like for the higher education sector as it emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic and students and staff return to campuses? Can we really expect everything to be the same as before?