How digital transformation improves efficiency

Leading with a holistic approach

1 Driving change with data analytics

Improving operational efficiency and exceeding student expectations are two of the main drivers for digital transformation in higher education—and data analytics can help you achieve both. So how can the right strategy power your institution’s transformation?

Implementing a successful analytics programme

Implementing a successful analytics programme

As more colleges and universities recognise the value of advanced analytics in driving institutional growth, they are also confronting the change management issues that can arise when transforming their operations and business practices.

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2 Managing change wisely and carefully

We know that getting buy-in can sometimes be a challenge. Not everyone knows about the power of data analytics to improve outcomes, operations, and so much more. As strong believers in the importance of sound change management, we’ve developed a number of resources to guide you through the process and help you explain the benefits to all types of stakeholders.

Papers, Post-its, and Pedometers: Why Modernization Is About More than Just Technology

Why technology is just one element of a true transformation

Getting the most out of your IT investment also means changing processes and workflows—but too often, that half of the equation is overlooked.

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Our staff can now focus on supporting our end users, rather than the care and feeding of the servers and software. We’ve freed up staff and capital—and that has had a profound impact on what we are doing.

Randall D. Gentzler, Vice President for Finance and Administration, Loyola University Maryland

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