What’s next for higher education

Reimagining the future of learning, teaching, and working

1 Creating a better student experience through agility and innovation

How can you deliver engaging, high-quality experiences to your students? What are the key elements of a successful digital transformation, and what have institutional leaders learned from this year’s sudden pivot to digital?

Business continuity best practices in today’s environment

Hear Ellucian and a panel of customer experts explore best practices for remote work, online teaching and learning, student engagement, and campus community support.

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2 Why digital models will endure

For many courses and programs, online learning is here to stay. Faculty and staff will be expected to develop greater digital savvy, student engagement will require new approaches, and workforce development programs will incorporate new skills—to name just a few of the countless implications for higher ed.

Business Continuity Best Practices to Prepare for Tomorrow

Learn how Ellucian customers responded to the shutdown, how they envision the future of online work and learning, and what lasting impacts they expect on higher education.

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3 A focus on student well-being

Amid deep concern about student well-being, colleges are expanding their wraparound services, increasing support and moving counseling services online when possible. As the role of technology expands, institutions are working to address the problem of access to technology and WiFi.

Student well-being in a disruptive time

Hear how Ellucian customers are supporting their students during the pandemic, and find out how they hope to build and strengthen their communities in the months and years ahead.

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More resources to help you prepare

Student engagement: Strategies to help institutions retain students during the COVID-19 pandemic

How can you retain students during the COVID-19 pandemic? Here are some strategies to help.

It’s important to be intentional about change

Why Tiffin University’s president follows Kotter’s change model and how it helps her effectively lead her institution through the change process.

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Here’s how Brookdale Community College implemented a strong IT governance policy to bolster the college’s mission.