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Why do recent alumni give?

A recent graduate shares her reasons for giving and how personalised communications made a difference.

Advancement, Enrolment and Retention
Enhancing the student lifecycle

Build and nurture relationships with students on campus, and in the future, by integrating data from recruitment, advising, and advancement.

Advancement, Enrolment and Retention, Student Experience
Do personalised communications make a big difference?

A survey of students, alumni, and administrators shows how personalised communications can lead to increased enrolment and future donations. 

Advancement, Analytics and Data Integration, Modernising the Campus
Build lifelong relationships with your constituents

Institutions can measure campaign impact and reach the next generation of donors with Ellucian CRM Advance.

Advancement, Modernising the Campus
Technology transformation in higher ed advancement

How can technology be used to help advancement efforts at your institution? Download the free eBook to find out.

Advancement, Analytics and Data Integration, Enrolment and Retention
Considering CRM? Ask these 5 questions.

Weigh your options for the best path forward.

Advancement, Analytics and Data Integration, Enrolment and Retention, Modernising the Campus, Operational Efficiency
Shared data enhances the entire student lifecycle

With integrated data, institutions can take on their biggest challenges.

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