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Manage your student system easily with a flexible SaaS solution.

The roadmap to Higher Education 4.0

The roadmap to the future of Higher Education

Why the modern campus will rely on collaboration technology

When institutions implement the right technology, it will give students, staff and faculty flexibility and enhance their academic experience. Find out more.

Assessing your business continuity plan: 4 essential elements

Learn the fundamentals of conducting a business continuity plan review.

Success Story
Building a digital future in the cloud

Royal Holloway, University of London utilises cloud technology to drive innovation and growth while continuing to provide an outstanding student experience.

Resilience in a world of remote working

Coronavirus becomes a catalyst for higher ed digitalisation. Find out how institutions can ensure business continuity and stay connected during disasters.

Technology’s role in empowering change in higher education

Find out how to ensure technology is effectively leveraged in higher education institutions, and the role people and partnerships play in its success.

Creating a community - how higher education institutions can leverage data to keep their staff and students close

How can institutions create a sense of belonging and communities for students, staff and alumni, when countries all over the globe are implementing social distancing measures? Make data a part of the culture.

The importance of data-driven decision making in higher education

Data-driven decision-making gives institutions the opportunity to identify new or missed opportunities, respond to new market conditions, launch innovative services and meet student needs. However, implementing a new database and analytics solution requires more than just flipping a switch and hoping for the best possible outcome.