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Analytics and Data Integration, Modernising the Campus, Operational Efficiency, Student Experience
Simplifying the graduation application process

Campbell University improves the process for students and staff with system integration.

Advancement, Analytics and Data Integration
How to build an engagement scoring programme

Engagement scoring holds the future of giving strategies, and getting started is easier than you think.

Analytics and Data Integration
Trends & challenges in higher education

Learn about higher education trends and Ellucian’s approach to supporting our customers in advancing and exploiting new opportunities.

Analytics and Data Integration
What Is Enterprise Architecture?

From my perspective, the main responsibility of an Enterprise Architect is about performing this planning and pre-build role within an organisation. Hence the Enterprise Architecture function needs to understand the strategic direction of the business; it helps define the key overarching principles of the organisation.

Advancement, Analytics and Data Integration, Modernising the Campus
Build lifelong relationships with your constituents

Institutions can measure campaign impact and reach the next generation of donors with Ellucian CRM Advance.

Analytics and Data Integration, Enrolment and Retention
Empowering student success through higher education analytics

Data and analytics are essential to increasing graduation and retention rates. 

Analytics and Data Integration, Modernising the Campus
This is Ellucian Ethos

Thrive today. Transform tomorrow. 

Analytics and Data Integration
The analytics-driven campus

Learn how your institution can benefit from analytics and how to overcome common implementation barriers. 

Analytics and Data Integration, Cloud for Higher Ed, Data Security, IT Standards and Architecture, Powering Achievement
Powering Achievement

In this series of executive interviews led by Ellucian's Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President Jackie Yeaney, you'll find out more about how we think about our work, how our customers' experiences shape our views, and the strategic approaches we're taking now.

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