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Analytics and Data Integration, Data Security, IT Standards and Architecture, Modernising the Campus, Operational Efficiency, Our Approach
Hubs, spokes, and point-to-point: a quick guide to common integration terminology

No matter what integration solutions you’re using or exploring, there are some key terms that are important to understand.

Analytics and Data Integration, Cloud for Higher Ed, Data Security, Enrolment and Retention, Financial Management and HR, IT Standards and Architecture, Modernising the Campus, Operational Efficiency, Our Approach, Student Experience
Making our students’ dreams come true

Read this blog to learn about some of the key challenges universities will face over the next 5 years as the expectations of students change.

Modernising the Campus, Our Approach
Universal UX: How empathetic design helps all users

Universal UX has important benefits for the higher education community.

Our Approach
Our moment in time

Together we have the power to keep students engaged and on track to complete their degrees. 

Modernising the Campus, Our Approach, Student Experience
What is UX design and how does it benefit higher ed?

Find out how a good UX can help your institution stand out from the crowd. 

Our Approach
Be. Do. Say.

Empowering people to build (and live) a brand begins with these words 

Our Approach
Listen. Learn. Lead.

Everything we do begins with listening to what institutions have to say.  

Our Approach, Student Experience
Put students in the middle of an ecosystem and they’ll feel like they’re the centre of the universe

What will it take to revolutionise student and institutional experiences?

Cloud for Higher Ed, Data Security, Our Approach
Is the cloud less secure? Not if you do these 3 things.

The cloud offers great potential to improve data security if you follow three key steps.

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