Christie’s Education shares their path to a better constituent experience

Having offered higher education programmes since 1978, Christie’s Education has seen first-hand the growth of the market for independent providers alongside which has come increased regulations — including data reporting requirements — and changing student expectations.

Christie’s Education recognised they needed to invest in a modern solution to meet the regulatory demands efficiently and deliver a better experience for their students and staff. In this webinar, we hear from leaders at Christie’s Education regarding how they set out on this journey to transform their business.

Watch now to listen to Christie’s Education share their approach and how they partnered with Ellucian to:

  • Move away from spreadsheets and complex internal processes to a more effective, efficient system for managing student data and tasks
  • Reduce the burden of compliance with ever-changing U.K. regulatory requirements
  • Implement their new student information system quickly for a short time-to-value


Fiona Guernaoui, Director, Student Services & Business Manager, Christie’s Education

Chris Colnaghi, Product Manager, Christie’s Education

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