Turning Data into Insights with Ellucian Analytics

Is your institution struggling to find easier ways to use all that data sitting at your fingertips from across campus? If so, you’re not alone. Obtaining and acting on timely, accurate data is a common challenge for many institutions. Traditional analytics solutions are often limited to one system. When an average institution has data in dozens of applications, leaders are left to measure key metrics in spreadsheets and pivot tables to get a complete campus view.

Ellucian invites you to join us as we tackle these challenges. Find out how Ellucian Analytics helps convert meaningful data from across systems into actionable decisions. Designed specifically for higher education, it empowers leaders to leverage nearly 200 tiles covering the student lifecycle to use data to drive student success.

We explore:

  • Ellucian Analytics overview
  • Available content by department
  • How to make Ellucian Analytics your own

Jacob Chandler, Senior Product Manager, Ellucian

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