Ellucian Spend Management Suite Powered by Chrome River and ESM Solutions

Why Ellucian Spend Management Suite Powered by Chrome River and ESM Solutions

The right technology can move your institution forward—on your terms.

Travel and Expense Management Processing

Ellucian Travel and Expense Management

Save time and reduce the costs of managing travel-related expenses.

  • Boost efficiency with an optical character recognition (OCR) feature that reads receipts and automatically creates the expense
  • Speed adoption with an easy-to-use interface and browser, email, and mobile-enabled features
  • Ease administrative burdens with automatic, process-driven expense submission
  • Check expense report status and actions needed with real-time tracking feature
  • Configure the approval process and assign approvers with dynamic, multi-level workflow 
Ellucian Invoice

Ellucian Invoice

Get full visibility and control over invoice processing regardless of how or where invoices enter your campus.

  • Easily locate and share invoices across multiple office locations with a centralised invoice database
  • Keep business moving while on the go with an elegant, mobile-enabled interface
  • Stay abreast of the status of invoices and minimise fraud with systematic alerts and notifications of changes to an invoice
  • Improve compliance with configurable business rules for routing and compliance checks
  • Optimise approval turnaround times with configurable approval workflows
  • Enable seamless integration with any ERP thanks to a flexible, reliable infrastructure
  • Increase adoption with intuitive, streamlined interface
  • Strengthen relationships with suppliers with invoice status notifications that provide transparency and faster reimbursements due to automation
  • Simplify approvals with the ability to approve invoices directly from email

Ellucian Purchase

Intuitive online shopping solution that automates the entire procure to pay process.

  • Provide all users with access to approved suppliers, contracts, products and prices.
  • Guide spending to where you want it with prioritised and preferred suppliers.
  • Turn procurement into a revenue stream with purchasing from contracted suppliers via seamless integration with Banner and Colleague.
  • Easy to manage - a single administrator can support thousands of users.
  • Automated workflows provide seamless approval routing and fewer errors.
  • Complete visibility with enhanced reporting
Ellucian Supplier Management

Ellucian Supplier Management

Designed to automate the management of a vendor’s lifecycle, improves vendor compliance, and minimises risk associated with responsibly managing supplier record information.

  • Connects suppliers to your specific business processes
  • Allows for the import of existing vendor information from Banner and Colleague master systems
  • Sends notifications when action is required for supplier data information
  • Keeps vendor information secure and easily accessible in a centralized repository
  • Supplier self-management portal functions for maintaining locations, users, documents, catalogs, and reports
  • Improves communication with suppliers/vendors and reduces errors in vendor life-cycle management
  • Ensures complete audit trail and vendor documentation
  • Measures vendor performance spend against procurement purchases and tender opportunities