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Belhaven University

Adopt the right ERP, build a modern campus.


Implement an ERP that enables flexibility, meets changing needs, and prepares the institution for the future

  • Simplified and integrated business processes 
  • Improvements in tracking and analysing data 
  • Reduced burden on IT staff

Two institutions secure their present and future. 

An institution may outgrow its existing ERP system for multiple reasons. It could be an increase in the number of enrolled students, international expansion, the introduction of online programmes of study, or newly developed continuing education or workforce development programmes. 

As an institution expands, it may examine the capabilities of its ERP solution and look to transition to a system that is better optimised to support these changes. Both Belhaven University and the West Valley-Mission Community College District found themselves in this situation.  

These two institutions had experienced sustained growth and began examining approaches to ensure that their ERP systems would help them keep pace. Both institutions worked to identify the solution that best fit their unique, evolving needs. 

Belhaven University 

Belhaven University leveraged the flexibility of Ellucian Colleague® to increase efficiency, save money, and improve the student experience. 

West Valley-Mission Community College District 

The West Valley-Mission Community College District transitioned to Ellucian Banner® on its two campuses to meet the changing needs of higher ed in Silicon Valley. 

Both institutions adopted ERP solutions that better suited their changing needs. Along the way, each institution discovered efficiencies and cost savings, reduced burden on IT staff, and improved operational processes.

Colleague was just better for us. It can grow to fit our needs.

Bo Miller, Director of Institutional Technology, Belhaven University

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