Joliet Junior College

Input from partners ensures products work great right out of the box.


Ensure ERP software has the right functionality with less customisation

  • Beta development partners weigh in on what makes a great product
  • Ellucian listens to feedback and applies it to the final product
  • Avoid customisation by helping design products that work best for you

Input from beta development partners ensures products work right out of the box.

Otto J. Stuckmaier, Director of Application Support, Joliet Junior College

We're a long-time customer. We went live with Colleague in 1989, so I'd say we probably have 80-plus percent of the modules implemented in Joliet.

We’ve been involved in multiple focus groups and as betas in the HRA, especially, but in other areas, as well. We really like doing that. We like having the input early in the process. There's a conversation that goes on and we talk about features and we say, here's how we do things. We talk about the issues and we review things. We interject our ideas.

And the big benefit from that is if you do it early enough in the process, it gets into the product and it's things we don't have to customise later. We don't want to customise things. We want the product to do everything we want it to do.

So, I would encourage anybody to get involved in that process because it's very fun. It's not like doing your regular job. It's fun. When a product comes out, it's the way you want it to be and there's no surprises and it just works like a charm.

Well, the partnership between Ellucian and Joliet Junior College I think benefits both parties. But it really benefits us because if we have good ideas and we express them, the product's going to do 100% of what we want and makes my life a little easier, which is a new thing for me.

To learn more about ways to partner with Ellucian, check out our EllumiNation page.

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