Insights - Mississippi gulf coast community college modern campus
Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College

Building a modern campus on advanced technology. 


Create a technology infrastructure that effectively serves students and the community for years to come

  • Significant cost savings
  • Superior student mobile app and tech support
  • Greater access data, timely reporting

How Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College achieved its vision by aligning technology and strategy. 

When Dr. Mary Graham became president of Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College in 2011, she guided stakeholders through the development of an ambitious, visionary strategic plan—one that would ensure the institution’s ability to effectively serve students and the community in the coming decade. 

The plan reflects an understanding of how student, faculty, staff, and community needs rapidly evolve and change, and it provides a roadmap for stewardship and innovation that positions technology as central to meeting these needs. 

When launching the plan, the college faced an outdated IT infrastructure and needed to expand and enhance its technology initiatives. 

“Basically, we needed everything—IT leadership, management, security, bandwidth, hardware, software, and a far superior user experience for students, faculty, and staff,” said Dr. Michael J. Heindl, vice president, administration and finance. “Partnering with Ellucian allowed us to ramp up in a manner that was (1) timely, (2) cost effective, and (3) strategic. We could not have achieved all three on our own.” 

The partnership launched and Ellucian began strengthening infrastructure and management right out of the gate. Concurrently, a comprehensive assessment was conducted of current capacity against long-term needs. 

The result: technology initiatives are aligned with the college’s strategic plan. And IT is better aligned to realistically and cost-effectively support the institution’s top priorities—instructional excellence and student success. 

Ellucian is at the table every day helping to shape decisions. IT has become a strategic partner, and technology is well-positioned to become one of our most effective long-term assets.

Dr. Jason Pugh, Vice President, Teaching & Learning and Community Campus, Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College