Insights - Arizona western college colleague reporting analytics
Arizona Western College

The campus where data fuels every department’s success. 


Empower staff across campus to build custom reports with real-time data and analytics 

  • Strategic goals are data-informed 
  • Increased productivity across departments 
  • Timely, reliable, sustainable flow of information

Arizona Western College enables higher performance across campus with analytics. 

Like all institutions of higher education, Arizona Western College (AWC) needs timely, reliable data in order to make strategic decisions—from the department level to the Office of the President.  

Historically, the college depended upon its advanced programmers to generate reporting and analytics. This presented several challenges: 

  • Significant delays due to limited IT resources 
  • Difficulty managing competing priorities when every report is “critical” 
  • Inability for staff to customise existing reports as needs continually change

This model was unsustainable. With the quantity of data rising rapidly, as well as the premium placed on data-driven decision making by funders and institutional leaders, Arizona Western College needed a next-generation solution. 

The college chose Ellucian Colleague® Reporting and Operating Analytics, and now non-technical staff have the power to create their own reports for real-time data, and strategies in different departments connect to meaningful data retrieved at the click of a button. 

“Our institutional strategy for reporting and analytics is more coordinated and cohesive,” says Mary Schaal, dean of institutional effectiveness, research, and grants. “We have empowered more people to help themselves, so that resources across the board are being used more efficiently and strategically.” 

With powerful performance measurement tools in place, admissions, financial services, and institution-wide strategy can operate like never before. 

 I now have real-time data showing me how many students are currently enrolled in a particular course, semester, year, or location and can make better management decisions on the fly. I’ve designed a report that works perfectly for my needs, and I can run it any time at the touch of a button.

Bryan Doak, Dean, Admissions and Enrolment Services, Arizona Western College