Royal Holloway - Cloud system sets the gear for growth
Royal Holloway

Cloud system sets the gear for growth


Futureproof university systems and enhance student wellbeing

  • A solid foundation to make further enhancements, including more automation and self-service to enhance the student experience
  • Ability to grow in size without being overly dependent on an on-premise resource
  • Ability to meet changing regulatory requirements, satisfy changing students’ needs and stay ahead by working in more agile ways.

Royal Holloway moves Ellucian Banner to the cloud to support future growth plans

At Royal Holloway, University of London, a top 25 UK institution, cloud-based systems are helping the university evolve and adapt to meet the expectations of modern higher education students.

As institutions welcome more digitally savvy, mobile-first students onto campus, the onus is on learning providers—not students—to change. With ambitions of growth and the added burdens that will place on the IT infrastructure, the only logical solution for Royal Holloway was to take its key systems to the cloud.

Having used Ellucian Banner® on-premise since 2004 and having seen its student population almost double over the same period, Royal Holloway needed a solution that would continue to grow with the institution and adapt with the changing behaviours of its learners.

Compared to the previous generation of students, most of Royal Holloway’s student population live within a two-hour journey time of the institution, so more students will commute in rather than live on campus. At the same time, many students need to work part-time to supplement their finances, want to engage in extracurricular activities and of course wish to perform well in their degree programmes.

Robert Westcott, director of information technology at Royal Holloway, comments, “Everything we do, we have got to try and do it in a way that maximises an individual student’s time on campus, to really leverage this, and at the same time enable students to take the campus with them and access all the services they need when off-site.”

The fact that Ellucian was so supportive was really important to us. The team should be proud of the fact that they did an excellent job. I would say this is one of the best vendor partnerships I have seen to deliver a project of this scale and ambition—on time and on budget.

Robert Westcott, Director of Information Technology

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