Jihad Mohaidat
Higher Colleges of Technology

Creating a data-driven university


Deliver the modern, mobile-friendly experience that today’s tech-savvy students expect

  • Tech-savvy students expect institutions to offer a modern tech experience
  • Tech-forward institutions have a competitive advantage in the marketplace
  • An integrated, unified higher ed framework connects systems and delivers benefits across the institution

To meet expectations, institutions need to be as tech savvy as their students.

Jihad Mohaidat, deputy vice chancellor for technology, Higher Colleges of Technology

Today, students are online. You cannot wait for them to come to you. You have to go to them. You have to make sure that they learn the way they want to learn, rather than the way you want to teach them. With kids being technology-savvy, you have to make it available.

We've converted our library to 100% digital, and it's mobile-enabled so they could reach it anywhere. They are learning. They could do it completely mobile-ready, through our learning management system. We broadcast, and we hold lectures that they could retrieve at anytime, anywhere, with live broadcast even.

If I want to decide, for example, which database I'm supposed to renew in my library, don't I need to know how was it utilised? What was the accessibility? How much each download, for example, costs me? So, the bottom line: I need data.

It's not about students only. It's about your financials. It's about your HR. It's about your finance. It's about your procurement.

So, in that case, what we thought of is that we have to have a very unified environment that connects all these systems together and extracts whatever data through advanced VI to enable you the data. We've chosen Ellucian Ethos to help us achieve that for several reasons. The data model within Ethos is designed for higher education. It is not a one-size-fits-all kind of solution available from other solution. The scalability is another reason.

The integration of the other Ellucian systems, like the ERP, for example, or the students that are already integrated there. Now, integration with Ellucian Ethos is a key requirement for every system we purchase. So, with a system that's designed to fit you with the agility that Ethos has, definitely it's a no-brainer as a recommendation to go with Ethos.