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A deeper student experience with a great mobile app.


Deliver fast, integrated, and useful mobile app to students 

  • Easy to deliver secure, integrated apps
  • Ability to customise apps
  • Decreased burden on IT staff

Baylor University builds an integrated mobile foundation for the future. 

While recognising the need to provide mobile-hungry students with the fast, simple, and useful interactions expected of the higher education institutions preparing them for the workforce, Baylor University took the long view of its mobile strategy.  

That meant implementing a mobile solution that not only would provide students what they want, but would integrate with the institution’s existing ERP, applications, and information systems.   

Baylor wanted to be able to deliver a broad and deep range of secure transactions and interactions that create a truly digital campus. To meet all those needs—including a simple implementation that would meet immediate needs for functionality while strategically positioning systems for the future—the university settled on Ellucian Mobile.  

“Launching a mobile platform is a ton of work,” says Joey Yglecias, analyst and programmer for information systems and services at Baylor. “It was great to have a solution in a single package that provided a platform to build on.” 

The Ellucian mobile app will bring everything together in one place. The integration into Banner is a big selling point.

Steven Kucera, Assistant Vice President for Information Systems and Services, Baylor University

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