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Humber College

Delivering the modern mobile campus that keeps students connected.


Develop an engaging, integrated mobile app for students that meets the pace and trend of current college mobile app functionality 

  • Humber students were quick to adopt the college’s new app 
  • Students access email, schedules, grades, and more through the app 
  • Humber offers a more integrated student experience

Humber College serves staff and students with a modern, mobile app. 

“We know that students are using mobile devices, and that we need to get into that world in a bigger way,” says Gillian Carson, Humber College’s director of enterprise applications. 

When looking for mobile platform provider, Carson looked for a solution that would integrate with Humber’s existing ERP software and other applications, while ensuring scalability and seamless single sign-on access for students along with a framework that could support both native and web applications. 

The college had little need for customisation, and it wanted a solution that would integrate easily with their existing technologies and strategies while keeping pace with upgrades. And, of course, Humber wanted to reach its students where they live: on their phones and tablets. 

Humber chose Ellucian Mobile as its complete mobile solution for three key reasons: simplicity, agility, and a quick time to market.  

Using the mobile platform, the college created and deployed a branded app called MyHumber, which offers students mobile access to their campus email, class schedules, grades, notifications, and account information. It also offers visitor information, available without sign-in.  

From the beginning, Humber’s vision for their app was one of both visual and technical simplicity, which was delivered by an out-of-the box, user-friendly app requiring only two customisations: a Humber background image and Humber branding. 

“We want to keep things simple and minimise customisations to be agile,” Carson says. “Less is more.” 

The layout is clean; it’s well organised and designed; it’s intuitive.

Gillian Carson, Director of Enterprise Applications