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The digital advantage helping students graduate on time


Recruit, retain, and graduate students on time

  • Open communication channels with prospective students
  • Admissions paperwork is processed more efficiently
  • Dashboards and mobile app help facilitate interventions

Connecticut State Colleges and Universities uses diverse strategies to recruit and retain students

Joseph Tolisano, Chief Information Officer, Connecticut State Colleges and Universities

I'm the CIO of 17 public institutions. We have about 85,000 students across the state of Connecticut. My top priority as CIO is to strategically recruit that freshman class in the most cost-effective manner possible and to graduate them as quickly as possible.

So, we use the CRM Recruit module to recruit across the spectrum of students we're trying to enter into our numerous programmes, whether it's a certificate programme for manufacturing, our undergraduate programme, or our graduate programme. What we like most about it is our ability to process paperwork into Banner Student module and admissions very quickly but also, the ability to keep the communication channels open with prospective students.

We use CRM Advise and Degree Works to manage students through their degree programme and graduate them on time. Degree Works is part of our student advising module. It gives our advisors and faculty a dashboard—red, green, and yellow. And they can look quickly at what students are not making their academic plan and intervene rapidly to try to correct that situation. And now they're doing intervention through the mobile app, which is providing us some quicker response times. The CRM Recruit module allows us to recruit that freshman class very efficiently.

Degree Works, Advise, the mobile apps—they're adding a digital advantage to us that most other schools don't have.

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