ADA Universiteti

Empowering students, faculty and staff


Implement a student information system that will tie together business processes across campus and grow as the institution expands

  • Increased efficiency, increased student satisfaction
  • Cloud-based solution means less maintenance and easier upgrades

ADA University implements Banner™ by Ellucian to streamline operations and improve the student experience

Technology should never be an obstacle for higher education—it should be an opportunity. Institutions should be able to extend, configure and add technologies as its needs evolve.

With an influx of students and expanded educational offerings, ADA University needed a more powerful student information system to serve the changing needs of the institution. The university wanted a system that would include mobile applications, integration between departments, efficient and automated workflows and an automated degree completion process. The university determined that a cloud-based solution would best serve its needs—and implemented Banner™ by Ellucian to provide enhanced student, faculty and administrative services across the institution.

In this case study, learn how ADA University:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Accelerated student satisfaction
  • Transformed business and IT procedures 

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