University of Arkansas System eVersity

Focusing on student support, not tech support


Maintain systems and technology while freeing up IT resources

  • Partnership supports the distinct course and student infrastructure of the online campus system
  • Managed technology services enable institutions to focus their staff members’ efforts on student support
  • The ability to scale IT resources up or down gives institutions much-needed flexibility

The University of Arkansas System eVersity turned to Ellucian for IT maintenance and support

Michael K. Moore, Chief Academic and Operating Officer, University of Arkansas System eVersity

So, I think online education is a unique space. You have to build not just the courses and put them online, you have to build the entire student infrastructure to support them. I want my team focused on supporting students, not supporting technology products. I want somebody else to be responsible for that. And by having the Managed Services, that allows us to put our attention where it needs to be.

It also provides us an opportunity to know that when we need resources available to us it will be there to scale. So, as we continue to grow larger, it will be there. If something should happen that we happen to need to shrink a little bit, we can also pull back on those resources. And that's the real advantage, I think, to going with sort of an outsourced model like this—that you can have the resources elsewhere and make use of them as needed.

Ellucian is our IT office. So, they manage all the bundles, and all the upgrades, all the patches, all that stuff that needs to be taken care of. They schedule it. They make sure everything's working. We have a problem, we talk to them, they solve it. That's the kind of thing I want. I want somebody than can be held accountable, that understands what we're doing, and is able to take care of all of our needs and let us focus on what is at the core mission of the university, which is teaching and learning and supporting students.