Texas Tech University System

Focusing on what students need to succeed


Focus on relationship management with students

  • Compiled data from multiple systems
  • Easier to analyse data from one area
  • Centralised data keeps focus on students

Texas Tech University System centralises data with Ellucian CRM Advise

Kay Rhodes, Chief Information Officer, Texas Tech University System

My top priority in my role is to work with my staff in providing and meeting the strategic directions of our institutions and providing the needs that they want to achieve for our students, and our faculty, and our staff.

As we looked at the student needs, we didn't really have anything to focus on relationship management with our students. And so, it made sense to move to Advise. In CRM Advise, we're able to compile data from multiple systems.

So, we can combine that data into one single area and analyse that data much easier. To have all the data together, to focus on the student—for what they need to do next in their academic career, towards the graduation—and look at all that data jointly has really been helpful in identifying other needs of the student that helped to their success and retention.

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