University of California, Riverside

Giving first generation students the direction they need


Providing guidance to first generation college students

  • Implemented special admissions and registration procedures for transfer students
  • Utilised out-of-cycle admissions SIS capability to better align with community college calendars
  • Created transfer student dashboards so advisors have information in a single place

University of California, Riverside shares how their Guided Pathways programme is helping transfer students

Danna Gianforte, Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief Information Officer, University of California, Riverside

The University of California, Riverside is definitely involved in a lot of Guided Pathways programmes between our University Extension programmes that help students transfer into the main campus or some of the California Community Colleges and their students. We have a lot of initiatives around our two-to-one state mandate. A lot of students who started out at community colleges are first-generation students, which fits with our overall mission.

To help enable some of those initiatives at UCR, we implemented special dedicated admissions and registration for transfer students. We worked with enrolment services, created new admissions cycles and registration cycles within Banner. That is why we chose Banner, and so we're helping them by providing these out-of-cycle admissions cycles because the community colleges are on a different academic year than we are. And we worked with advisors to create dashboards that are giving them a single pane of glass into the students’ experience so we can watch them, maybe, a little bit differently than we would some of our other students, and helping those that are going to serve the population have the resources and the data that they need to be successful.

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