Seton Hall University

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Ellucian Banner Employee Self-Service empowers staff at Seton Hall University. 

Joy Hayward, Director of Human Resource Information Systems, Seton Hall University 

Everyone is expecting to get information at their fingertips and not just during office hours and not just when they can speak to someone. So for things in Ellucian Banner® 9 and employee self-service, for example, employee profile or leave reports, we anticipate employees are going to be doing it in a meeting or at a conference where they don't have a computer with them, and they want to be able to get to information or make an action, for example, submit their leave report or approve a leave report directly on their phone.  

We spend a lot of time, in human resources, talking to employees about leave balances or pay or information about their HR record. Some of it, they'll be able to get without ever coming to human resources. And others, when they come to us, rather than saying, well, here's what the answer is, here's, for example, what your leave balance is, it will say, here's what your leave balance is, but here's why that's what it is.  

So, when we started looking at what was the easiest to work with, we looked at Ellucian's products directly and said, well, can we use what Banner already has, web time entry, leave reports, leave requests are all in baseline, so we didn't have to pay anything extra. And people were already used to going into self-service for other things. So, for students, they're going in to register for classes, and then they just go to another section to enter their time. For supervisors, they could be going in to look at their pay stub, and now, they're going in to approve time or do a leave report.  

One of the nice things about it is that it's in near real time. So, once they've submitted it, their supervisor approves it, it immediately reduces their leave balances. And it's all sitting in Banner, so we can see it on the administrative side of Banner. They can see it in self-service in Banner. To have everything in one place, not only answers the one question that they have, but let's them be able to navigate to questions they didn't even know they had, so they can get more information. 

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