Ideal mobile experience
 Gwynedd Mercy University

The ideal mobile experience students expect. 


Communicate with students on an integrated campus mobile app

  • Development of a master campus app
  • App integrated with student information system
  • Students register, check grades, connect with faculty

On the app, students register, check grades, and meet faculty

When I went to school, I stood in long lines to register for my classes. And I took tests on paper. A lot of that landscape is changing for today's student. We have students that are bringing multiple devices to our campus. They're bringing iPads, they're bringing laptop computers. And they don't want to be tethered by wires.  

Students are really relying on their mobile device these days. It's funny, because you watch them walking around campus. And it's almost like it's leading them, as to what they're doing. But their whole life is around this mobile device.  

Nationally, we're at about 76% of students are now bringing smartphones into schools. At Mercy, I would say that percentage is even higher. For us, it was very strategic to communicate with a student on a device that they are used to communicating on. And delivering that information in a format that they would like.  

The expectations of our students and some of our newer faculty coming in are that we are a mobile friendly campus. And that we are taking not only the student's ability to register and check grades, but also to interface with their courses, and their faculty. It has to all be available on the mobile platform.  

What we really like at Mercy is just the ability for us to go in there and have a single interface for our students to be able to access all different applications. So, you don't need to have five or six different apps. You can just have one app and access all that different functionality.  

We have many apps that are being developed on campus that we want to be able to plug into, sort of, that master app. And that's what we consider the Ellucian mobile app.  

What's the most important application to the university? There's no question, it's our student information system. We can't do business without that system. So, it's a no-brainer to work with somebody that knows our system. For a mobile app, while we did consider other ones, no one knew how to integrate with our student information systems better than Ellucian.