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Stay ahead of changes in product capability and system changes

  • The benefits of partnerships with Ellucian include the sharing of best practices, challenges, and success stories
  • By providing feedback, the institution ultimately receives a better-tailored, more effective product

Institutions benefit from a close connection with Ellucian and other partners.

Stephanie Boledovich, Human Resources Business Analyst, Lansing Community College 

The community is unique, but it's a warm community, too. Everybody is just so happy to hear the stories you tell, but they also really want to share theirs. And they have great stories to tell. My name is Stephanie and I work at Lansing Community College.  
Partnering with Ellucian as an early adopter really helped our institution, because, number one, we knew Ellucian's strategy. And we could stay current with our systems and put a plan in place when we knew that new releases would be rolled out. Additionally, it kept me in communication with other schools, so I could learn their success stories, learn any challenges, and then apply that to myself.  
So being a partner with Ellucian, there's a lot of benefits. First is the community. When you're in the meetings with other institutions or other colleges, you hear about their challenges, you hear about their successes, and you can take that information, and you can apply it at your own college.  
Additionally, the support is phenomenal. Whether it be on the call itself or when you put a request in, the feedback is wonderful. And what's really great is they want to hear from you. They appreciate the feedback. And then last is the strategy. Working with Ellucian, you know what their timeline is, where their priorities are. And then you can take that information, and you can apply that strategy to your own college to roll out the releases on the timeline that works best for you.  
Higher education is unique. I worked in the private sector prior to this, and it is vastly different. And Ellucian's focus on higher education and the needs of higher education really gives me confidence that their product is based on research that they have developed and worked with others. And also, being part of their community, knowing how they listen to the voice, our voice, I know that they're developing their products that best serve our students. I'm just really excited about the direction that Ellucian is taking. And I'm really excited to see what Ellucian is developing.

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