Howard Community College

We have seen $1.3 million in cost savings by moving to the cloud


Update technology infrastructure and keep it up to date without overworking staff

  • Improved speed and reliability of systems
  • Able to handle 200 more registrations
  • Estimated about $1.3 million in cost savings

Howard Community College shares the positive impacts of moving Ellucian Colleague to the cloud

Tom Glaser, Vice President of Information Technology, Howard Community College

We were looking at our current technology infrastructure. We were coming up with realizing maybe in a three-year time period that we would have to make that investment again. We had completed several security audits on campus. So, within those audits, a lot of questions came up of disaster recovery. How would you do business continuity if something happened to your Ellucian Colleague® system?

Another item was staffing, with trying to patch the system, keep it up to date. It was very hard because staff was staying up overnight, doing patches, and then trying to be back at work on Monday. And just bringing the staff and the college community together to keep the system up to date was becoming more and more of a challenge for us.

Benefits of moving to the cloud

We've had some very positive impacts on the college community. After we went to the cloud, we were getting emails from staff members on how well the system was working, the speed, the reliability that was taking place. And they calculated that they were able to handle 200 more registrations over their normal 900 that they were doing.

So, we have seen a cost savings. I estimated about $1.3 million in cost savings, the savings with the infrastructure because we're not going to invest in the infrastructure. We had a staff member that left, the database administrator, at the same time. We did not replace that position. So, there's some human resource savings we're seeing too. I think the programming staff will continue to see benefits with the patching and the upgrades and the change management processes in place.

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