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Ellucian Ethos is the higher education platform connecting people, processes and applications across the institution to power coordinated programs designed for student success. Ethos is a single data model that powers all of your APIs and integrations across your technology and application footprint. This allows for end-to-end workflows and a single source of truth for analytics; giving you the data to make better informed decisions.

The average campus ecosystem includes dozens of applications serving a particular business need while also adding to the integration complexities that IT teams face each day. Ethos was developed as an open platform to drive down total cost of integration ownership and maintenance. Ellucian invites partners to move away from custom integrations to a packaged approach so that we may all serve the higher education community better. By becoming Ethos connected, individual application data can be combined with other campus data to enable institutions to act and engage with the community.

Ethos Platform
  • Uniform data model: Different applications refer to the same piece of data in different ways making integrations difficult. The Ellucian higher ed data model enforces uniformity across systems enabling easier integration and maintenance across the institution
  • Integration of Ellucian, partner, and institution applications: The every day campus includes more than just Ellucian applications. Institutions have both home grown and point solutions from other providers. Ethos provides standard APIs and integrations that integrate the community of applications.
  • Access to resources and SME's to support the building and marketing of partners packaged integration: Upon validation, Ellucian’s marketing team will work with the partner to announce the availability of the integration through a joint press release and Ethos Connected Badging on Ellucian’s website as an available Ethos integrated solution.

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