Banner® Finance: financial management system for higher education institutions

Banner® Finance

Financial transactions impact every department and constituent on campus. High standards for service and performance are essential—and it’s critical for your institution to utilize financial software that can meet the challenge. Banner Finance is a sophisticated financial management software solution that improves security, efficiency, transparency, reliability, and compliance—all of which add up to better decision-making and governance across the institution. Banner Finance offers powerful solutions to help you manage financial information, whether deployed on-site or hosted in the cloud.

Financial management ERP for today’s higher education institutions

Streamline operations

Streamline operations

Automate routine processes and tasks to improve efficiency, accuracy, and timely access to information.

Improve management

Improve management

Empower staff with information tailored to their roles, along with self-service tools, to ensure everyone is practicing sound fiscal management.

Strengthen decisions

Strengthen decisions

Gain in-depth financial insights through real-time visibility and advanced reporting capabilities.

Exceed goals

Exceed goals

Ensure compliance with policies and procedures by automating and directing the flow of financial information throughout your enterprise.


Banner Finance ERP built specifically for higher education

Built specifically for higher education

The Banner Finance ERP provides tools tailored to the performance and accountability needs of higher education.

  • Enhance system control, reporting capabilities, and year-end accounting practices with our flexible chart of account, consisting of seven independent components
  • Manage and audit financial processes with our standards-based general ledger, subsidiary ledger, and encumbrance ledgers
  • Improve budget controls with the flexibility to monitor and report on budget activity at all levels
  • Support compliance efforts with embedded security controls and built-in audit trails
Improves management of departmental fiscal affairs

Improves management of departmental fiscal affairs

Banner Finance self-service offers easy access to the information you need to make informed, faster business decisions regarding budget status, revenues, and expenditures—it’s a financial software solution designed specifically to help your institution operate more smoothly no matter the device.

  • Search budget, actual, and encumbrance activity at both the summary and detail level with ease
  • View and approve transactions for compliance related to goods and services received
  • Request goods and services easily for more efficient procurement processing
  • Review and audit transactions for compliance with policies and procedures prior to posting to the ledger
Increases procurement processing efficiency

Increases procurement processing efficiency

Banner Finance creates efficiencies and cost savings when acquiring and paying for goods and services.

  • Organize and track requisitions across departments, and link requisitions to approved purchase orders
  • Find out instantly when goods are received and invoices are ready for payment
  • Manage encumbrances and changes to purchase orders with ease
  • Maintain better relationships with vendors by storing key information like vendor holds, small business data, minority owned business data, and contact information
  • Gain additional advantages through integration with partner solutions like Higher Markets for Banner and PayNetExchange
Supports research administration

Supports research administration

Developed in partnership with higher education clients, the research administration component of Banner Finance manages sponsored project requirements from inception to completion.

  • Manage and capture grant-related expenditures across multiple periods
  • Streamline grant certification efforts for principal investigators and other key personnel
  • Track transactional activity associated with each grant, including automatic calculation of indirect cost (F&A) and cost share
  • Improve accounting performance related to grant activity, including indirect cost encumbering, grants billing, and reporting
Complete solution

Complete solution

Banner Finance enables financial administrators to streamline processes and enhance productivity.

  • Single-sign-on and portal technology enables departmental business officers, principal investigators, and administrative staff to access role-specific, secure financial information
  • Banner Workflow enables you to eliminate the process of routing paper forms across campus for approval signatures
  • Banner Finance and Banner Document Management enable the procurement buyer to access and attach related documents and associated vendor invoices with Banner invoices for payment
  • Banner ePrint accelerates financial processes by offering easy document printing for authorized departmental managers. Banner Finance reports are available minutes after completion, saving you valuable time previously dedicated to manual mail delivery.
Timely results with reliable data

Timely results with reliable data

Real-time visibility and advanced reporting are essential to running an efficient finance department.

  • Find and report on virtually any data point with ease
  • Reduce total cost of ownership by eliminating the design and development costs of data acquisition, data migration, and data warehouse design
  • Review financial statements and transaction details utilizing Banner’s powerful drill-down capabilities and flexible query options based on the industry’s leading higher education data model 

How it works

Banner Finance provides financial management professionals across the institution with information specific to their roles and responsibilities. This dynamic financial management system allows your staff to initiate, respond to, and otherwise act on the information to move a process forward whether it involves planning, procurement, budgeting, accounting, payroll, accounts payable, endowment management, or reporting and compliance. Banner Finance may be deployed on-site or hosted in the cloud, with contemporary applications designed to help your institution find solutions to its finance and compliance needs.

Solution sheet: Banner Finance

Proven solution

The Banner Finance ERP helps almost 1,000 institutions maintain compliance