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Discover why over 2,500 institutions choose Ellucian

Leverage the higher ed expertise, adaptability, and proven value of Ellucian to unite your people and processes and bring your entire campus into the digital age.

Expense management for higher education

Mired in an expense management mess? Here’s how institutions can get right.

Reduce costs without reducing impact

It’s time to take control of your institution’s travel and entertainment expenses.

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The right security framework can save your institution

Choose a security framework to protect your intellectual capital and avoid a financial or PR nightmare.

Successfully managing non-traditional programs

Discover the top four priorities for chief financial officers.

How to implement a modern one-stop student service center

And why a one-stop student service center is important.

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A technology partnership that drives success

How Muskegon Community College maintains and empowers an effective IT staff.

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Faster, easier human resources management

Lansing Community College saves time with user-friendly features in Ellucian Banner Human Resources Administration.

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Over $9 million in new grants in under two years

How Mt. Hood Community College built a high-performing grants operation.